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DLR Downloads - Campaign: Paths of Wisdom

About the Campaign

Name: Paths of Wisdom
Author: Azrael7
Released: 1999
Episodes: 9
File size: 1.41 MB (rar)
Click here to download The Path of Wisdom

Paths of Wisdom is an epic story-based Campaign for Warlords III: Darklords Rising. The campaign was created in the year of mercy: 1999. It is based on a mythological theme about the cooperation of those of the human, elven, dwarven, and gold dragon kingdoms coming together to save the world from The Dark One.

In this nine mission campaign you take control of the heroes of Truth and Righteousness who come from the Ancient Mountain Kingdom. The campaign includes two new hero types: Dragonlords and Demon Princes, and three new spells have been created especially for use with this campaign. Enjoy a versatile range of artistically hand-rendered scenery, hundreds of new magic items and some very tough opponents.

Darkness, evil armies and strange tidings have come to haunt the land. . . Can you lead the young priest Arion to find the home of the ancient dragons and defend his homeland?


1. The Path of Wisdom
2. Retaking the Inner Sphere
3. The Inner Sphere
4. The Plains of Kartesh
5. Blood Elf Onslaught
6. Castle Blood Eye
7. Canyon of the Red Giants
8. Fire Keep
9. The Seventh Seal

About the Author

The author of Paths of Wisdom is Mike Katzberg aka Azrael7.


1.Download the PATHWISE.rar file and with winrar unpack PATHWISE.w3c to your default Warlords III: Darklords Rising directory, usually this can be found under Program Files/Red Orb Zone/Warlords III - Darklords Rising.

2. Open the Warlords III campaign editor and unpack PATHWISE.w3c.

3. Launch Darklords Rising, select Single Player game mode, and then New Campaign from the main menu. You will find the Campaign (Paths of Wisdom) under "Miscellaneous".

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