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DLR Downloads - Scenario: Divine Right

About the Scenario

Name: Divine Right
Author: Lambere
Released: 2009?
Size: 128 x 160
Sides: 8
Cities: 57
Sites: 49
Ruins: 24
File size: ? MB (rar)
Click here to download Divine Right

Divine Right has been a work in progress since 2001 and it is currently in its 9th and final version (sadly).

Divine Right is a full-size 128x160 scenario for 8 players. The scenario is based on the old board game Divine Right. The map is a very close replica of the original one, but the armies, heroes, items and sites are all the customized inventions of the author / DLR scenario maker Lambere. Even the rul file is customized. The custom data has been designed specifically for Divine Right and is not intended for use outside of the scenario.

The scenario comes with a rich history and detailed in-game descriptions that really brings it all to life. Suitable for both single player, PBEM and Online.


About the Author

The author of Divine Right is the late Mark Lambert aka Lambere - an american history teacher, classical musician and DLR player who tirelessly created scenarios and organized PBEM-games until he succumbed to cancer in 2010. A sorely missed asset to the DLR community.



1. Download the rar file and extract the DVRT.w3s and the DVRT2009.rul file to your DLR folder. They must be placed in the root.

2. Start the Scenario editor and unpack the DVRT.w3s file.

3. Create a new short-cut to darklord.exe and name it Divine Right. Right-click on the shortcut, select properties and add the following to the target line outside of the right citation mark: -rules=DVRT2009.rul

4. Start the game using the Divine Right shortcut. Click New Scenario and select Divine Right from the Miscellaneous section. Pick a side and start playing!


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