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About the Scenario

Name: Myth v. 5
Author: Onslaught
Released: May 2010
Size: 128 x 160
Sides: 8
Cities: 70
Sites: 48
Ruins: 50
File size: 3.74 MB (rar)
Google spreadsheet
Click here to download Myth v. 5

Myth is a scenario that saw the first light of day in 2004. Since then it has been revamped and refined many times around. The current version, version 5, was completed in May 2010.

Myth is a full-size 128x160 scenario for 8 players. The scenario has a lot of heavy terrain to increase the value of terrain bonuses and to give each side its own niche. It is slightly inspired by various mythologies worldwide but is nevertheless a unique and independent scenario that stands on its own. Over 90% of the data is customized. Myth has custom rule file, heroes, armies, spells, items and even sites! None of these custom elements can be found outside of Myth. These custom elements have been designed specifically for Myth and are not really intended for use outside of the scenario.

The scenario plays well against the computer but it is really meant for PBEM and Online play using only the custom data included. Preferably 8 players in a single game. Suggested settings are:

Victory condition: Last Warlord Standing
Allied Victory: No
Raze: On capture only
Neutral Cities: Active
Combat Advisor: No
Boat Penalty: No
Timed Vectoring: Yes
No human Vector
Viewing Options: Only Fog of War ON
Game Options: All ON except Random Turns

For a complete overview of all the scenario data please consult the google spreadsheet.

About the Author

The author of Myth is Arvid Eriksson aka Onslaught. A swedish DLR player born in 1979 who became involved with DLR back in 2002 after they hey-days of the game had already passed by.


1. Download the rar file and extract the MYTHV5.w3s and the myth5.rul file to your DLR folder. They must be placed in the root.

2. Start the Scenario editor and unpack the MYTHV5.w3s file.

3. Create a new short-cut to darklord.exe and name it Mythv5. Right-click on the shortcut, select properties and add the following to the target line outside of the right citation mark: -rules=myth5.rul

4. Start the game using the Mythv5 shortcut. Click New Scenario and select Myth V5 from the Miscellaneous section. Pick a side and start playing!


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